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03/02/06 - I'm taking a hiatus from Ninjatopia to work on "Merical" for a while. Don't know if i'll ever be back. check it out at http://www.drunkduck.com/Merical/

02/22/06 - yo. I got more links up in the links page (a few webcomics i love so very much, that I had forgotten to add). also, i fixed the vallentine's day issue. it was collored wrong, and not shaded at all. I also added the vallentine's day issue to the drop down box. Then i added lots o' new info on the cast page, but no pics yet. i'll get those latter.

02/22/06 - 'sup all? Finally decided to add in a rant column. I'll try to update this baby every so often, but probably not too much. First, I know there arent that many people who read ninjatopia yet, but for those of you who do, I also have this comic hosted on drunkduck.com, another free webcomic host. I keep up-to-the-minute updates there, so to see a page before its scheduled update here, you could check it out there.